Facebook Business Manager Jumpstart Program

Easily manage ad accounts, Pages, and your team who works on them, all from one place.

The single greatest mistake we see when we work with clients is they don't have this set-up for their business, or sadly, some previous employees or agency set everything up incorrectly. Meaning that business doesn't own the most valuable data they can get from Facebook and Instagram, their ad account data, and their audience data.

— Tyler Anderson, Founder/CEO of Casual Fridays

Business Manager Jumpstart Package



ONLY $297

  • A 15-minute call with our Team prior to set-up to walk you through everything you'll need
  • A 45-minute hands-on call to walk you through the set-up process
  • We'll help you create or audit a Facebook Business Manager for your business or organization
  • Connection of your Facebook Page
  • Connection of your Instagram Page
  • Connection/Creation of your Facebook Ads Account
  • Connection/Creation of a Facebook Pixel to your Business Manager
  • Facebook Pixel Installation on Website
  • Add/Request access for your organization and appropriate partners and employees
  • Assist in creating your first custom and lookalike audiences

Order Summary
FB Biz Manager

Why is Business Manager important?

  • Business Manager allows you to set up access and control audiences to your Facebook Page, Instagram Page, and Ad Accounts.
  • Custom audiences are the secret weapon of Facebook Ads. If you want to use Custom Audiences, you must use Facebook's Business Manager.
  • Business Manager lets you control access across your assets within Facebook's ecosystem of platforms (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Facebook Ads, etc.).
  • Business Manager removes a personal account from controlling your business assets and puts it in control of the business.

What does Business Manager do?

  • Business Manager allows you to manage your ad accounts, Pages, and the people who work on them, all in one place.
  • You can manage Partner access (e.g., other agencies or vendors), apps, pixel data, audience information and more.

Benefits of having a Business Manager set-up correctly?

  • You have complete protection of your assets. No need to worry about rogue employees having access to your business data.
  • You don't have to worry about recovering your data in the instance of your Page or Ad Account being shut-down or suspended.
  • You should see an improvement on your ad performance. Facebook's systems rely on data. The more data you have tied to your Business Manager, the more Facebook can work for you.
  • Easier to delegate. Gone are the days of sharing usernames & passwords. With Business Manager you can delegate access to your access.

Do I need to hire Casual Fridays to set this up?

  • No, you don't. You can set it up for yourself at here
  • However, it's a bit complicated and if you'd rather have us set it up and make sure it's set-up correctly, we're here for you.
  • The single greatest mistake we see business make is they never set this up, or trust agencies that don't know what they're doing and set it up incorrectly. We've seen this happen with some of the biggest brands in North America. Please, be careful who you trust with this process.